Tennis Starts With Love

I am an athlete and my sport is tennis. For me this sport isn’t about swinging a racquet with all my strength to get a ball on my opponent’s side of the court. It is about the person it has shaped me into. This sport has taught me that at the end of the day, I’m on my own. When I am exhausted, I won’t have anybody to fall back on. There is nobody who can make up for the mistakes I’ve made. No one is going to push me when all I want to do is stop. It is all up to me.

Every athlete needs someone to inspire him/her and as a tennis player, who better to look up to for inspiration than the legendary Roger Federer. The man, who has taken tennis to a whole new level, holds seventeen Grand Slam titles, seven Wimbledon titles and has ranked World No. 1 for 302 weeks. But there is more to him than his trophies and mere numbers. Roger Federer is the man who has an exceptional conduct both on and off the court. He is a compassionate philanthropist. He epitomizes the words humility and graceful. This man “fears no one and respects everyone”. He is an inspiration to millions around the world including myself.

I strive to be more like him every day and every day my love and respect for this sport increases. This sport has constantly pushed me past my mental and physical limits and has helped me achieve what I never thought I could. This sport has become a part of my life and it’s impossible to imagine life without it.

This is why even when I am running around from one corner of the court to the other, completely out of breath, I hit the ball with all the strength I can muster. My love for this glorious sport is why I hit those down the line passing shots even when the sweat is pouring into my eyes and the sun is glaring down and burning my skin, why I wake up for those early morning winter practices, why I hit cross court passing shots until the blisters in my hand bleed, why I run laps even after training for hours, why I hit baskets of serves until my shoulder begs me to stop, why the voice in my head constantly says “One More” and why I oblige.



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