Knowledge Gives Us Power, Love Gives Us Fullness

The nation celebrates Teacher’s Day on 5th September every year, which is the birth date of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. But who is a teacher? The definition of a teacher almost everywhere is, “someone who teaches, especially as a profession” but I tend to ignore the second part of the definition. For me, a teacher is simply someone who has taught me something and I would like to dedicate this blog post to all of them.

Starting from the very basics, the first person I am thankful to is the one who has taught me the A, B, C’s (literally); the first “teacher” I had back when I lived in Siliguri. I make it a point to pay her a visit every time I am there and every time I meet her, she looks more graceful than she did before. I am not sure if she will ever read this, but if you are reading this Ma’am, thank you. Thank you very much.

None other than Roger Federer taught me some of the most important lessons in life. He has taught me to brave all the odds both on and off the court and to “fear no one and respect everyone”, all this simply through his existence. Everyday he teaches me how to inspire and be inspired. *

One does not have to necessarily be “old and wise” to teach someone else something worthwhile. I once had a friend who threw kindness around like confetti, was extraordinarily talented yet epitomized the word humility. She was very different (more like special) from those around her (who were all the same) and was more comfortable in her own skin than any of them. She taught me qualities like kindness and humility. She taught me how to be comfortable just the way I am. She taught me how to be a good friend but above all she taught me how to be better human being. She isn’t here anymore and even her absence teaches me something. It teaches me that nothing lasts forever.

This post will be incomplete if I do not thank my “teachers” in the real sense of the term. I am thankful to the entire faculty that La Martniere For Girls has had since 2005 to date for not only teaching me what the textbook says but for touching my life in more than one way. I express my gratitude to my music teacher who has tirelessly spent long hours teaching me for a good decade now and my coach who spends hours with me on the court until I nail that one particular thing I am working on. The post would not be complete without mentioning my Economics teachers who have not only helped me understand the nuances of the subject but also helped me develop a passion for it.

Preschool-Little Scholars
Preschool-Little Scholars

Chankaya once stated, “Teacher is the maker of the nation” and a teacher can be rightly called a nation builder because a nation is built by its citizens who in turn are molded by teachers. As a student of Business and Economics, I instinctively think how teachers impact the economy and an enterprise in general and the answer is simple-they help to build the human capital. Unlike physical and financial capital, human capital cannot be “produced” as and when required. To increase or build a nation’s human capital is a long process, which is only possible with the help of “teachers”. Therefore, teachers not only build a person’s character but also help to build a nation.

However, it amazes me that despite playing such an important role in the lives of people, their job is one of the most thankless ones. They devote their entire life to others and they are forgotten the minute they are gone. If I ask someone to name three famous scientists, bankers or industrialists the world has seen, I know that I will get an answer. But if I ask someone to name three phenomenal teachers that the world has seen, I am not sure if I will get an answer at all.

Merely dedicating a day in the year to them is not sufficient; dedicating the entire year is not sufficient either and perhaps very difficult too, so the least we can do is express our gratitude every chance we get.

To sum it all up, I would like to thank every single person who has taken the time to teach me absolutely anything. To me, teaching is the greatest act of all because you are sharing something nothing in this world can buy-knowledge and values.

If you are reading this and have taught me anything, thank you.

*I have written a detailed blog post on this. If you want to know more, please read: Tennis Starts With Love.


One thought on “Knowledge Gives Us Power, Love Gives Us Fullness

  1. I am an eco student too and I love your blog!! I love how you can connect everything to th economy..please keep up the great work!!


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