Oh, New York!

Among the many interesting things that happened this November, my visit to New York was definitely the highlight. Since, I was in New York to attend the World Federation of United Nations Association’s (WFUNA’s) flagship Model United Nations, the original plan was to write about my experience at the conference but one doesn’t simply visit New York and then not write an entire blog post on the city that never sleeps.

The duration of my journey from India to New York was a good 19 hours. I had mentally prepared myself for the worst jetlag of my life and was set to hit the hay the second I checked in to the hotel. But the ride from JFK to Grand Central Station was enough to get rid of any jetlag. The city was bustling and alive even at midnight-doing its own thing and striving for perfection, surprisingly just the way it is portrayed in films. When you’re in a city like that, sleep packs its bags and leaves.

The thing is, there is something in the air of this concrete jungle that makes sleep useless. There is something in the air of New York City that make you want to achieve whatever it is that you want to. It simply stuns you and leaves you thinking and wondering for hours.

Perhaps, it is the nonchalance of this city and its people, or the fact that every single person here is looking for something-love, success, action, the world’s greatest chocolate chip cookie or themselves and is willing to do whatever it takes to find it.

Or perhaps, it is simply the indifference and cruelty of this city-something you realize the minute you step foot on the soil of New York. She is not hospitable; her arms won’t reach out to comfort you. She is unsympathetic. She may come across as lively, but that’s merely a façade. She is simply noisy, bustling and ambitious. She is ugly, the climate is a nightmare and the competition is murderous. But despite that, one loves her. One loves New York just the way she is; it is as simple and as complicated as that.

Why, you might ask, will one love someone so unfeeling?

Perhaps, it’s the sense of belonging she unknowingly gives everybody irrespective of whether you’ve been here five minutes or five years. She makes us realize that we are not alone in our quest for whatever it is that we are looking for.

Perhaps, it’s because one belongs to New York instantly.


I will be writing about my very exciting WFUNA International Model United Nation’s experience in the next post. Stay tuned for it!

Photo credits to the incredible Renee Fostiropoulos!


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