This Mission is Possible

I was elected as the Student Ambassador for the World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA) late last year. After a lot of paperwork and emails galore explaining my responsibilities to me, I was given my first couple of assignments in February.

Owing to this new responsibility bestowed upon me, I found myself in Sreenidhi International School, Hyderabad in the second week of April. The school was participating in WFUNA’S semester-long program for high schools interested in global citizenship-Mission Possible. All of us think about doing something for our community at one time or the other-organizing a cleanliness drive, educating the underprivileged and so on and so forth but Mission Possible actually helps students to implement their ideas so that they can play their part in making this world a better place.

In the two-day conference that we had organized in Hyderabad, we saw students passionately discussing their project ideas with each other. They talked about the obstacles that stood in their way and how they could overcome them. Intense and fruitful discussions on how each group could truly make a difference were carried out.

From the students of Gitanjali who wanted to establish libraries in government schools to the students of Meridian Madhavpur who had started an anti-bullying campaign in their school, each one of them made me believe that the world envisaged by the 2030 Agenda for Change is not a far-off dream anymore.

With the Treasurer of WFUNA, Organizers and Students

By the end of April I found myself in Agra for what has turned out to be my favorite event of the year-WFUNA’S International Model United Nations (WIMUN).


There is nothing I can say about WIMUN that I haven’t already said before. Whether I attend the conference as a delegate or as the President of the General Assembly, it always gives me that same sense of belonging. It is WIMUN that gives me the opportunity to have conversations with Jan Eliasson, the Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations and Dr. Kiran Bedi, Former Director General of Police in India, Social Activist and Politician. It is WIMUN that always leaves me with an unparalleled sense of gratitude-gratitude for the experience I have had, people I have met and the lessons I have learnt. Lastly, it is WIMUN that gives me hope-hope that as long as we all have a common goal, we can master it.

With Dr. Kiran Bedi, Former Director General of Police in India, Social Activist and Politician

Serving as the Student Ambassador for WFUNA allows me to be a small part of an organization whose purpose I so strongly believe in and with the help of individuals who share our dream of a better, more peaceful world, this Mission is indeed Possible.

I am currently on a summer break from school and will be heading to my holiday destination in a couple of days. I look forward to meeting new people, having fascinating conversations and telling you all about it. Until next time!



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